If you’re tired of using a wet dustpan to clean up charred food remaining in the grill, or putting your face near a hot grill to make sure it’s off, then this blog post is for you. If you don’t have time to fix your charcoal grill properly by replacing the whole thing with a new one, not worry — just implement these tips that are guaranteed to work out well.

Charcoal Grill

So how did I fix my charcoal grill so that all the holes of the bottom are lined up and clean?

How to Fix Hole in Bottom of Charcoal Grill

Step 1) Use a hammer to beat the underside of your charcoal grill to remove any bumps and flatten it.

Step 2) Use a power sander to level off the surface, until it looks smooth.

Step 3) A combination of sandpaper and fine-grade steel wool will get rid of any remaining bumps or uneven parts on your charcoal grill’s bottom.

Don’t use a metal brush to clean up your grill’s bottom since that will ruin the taste of your food. And as with any charcoal grill, DO NOT use any metal brush or scraper.

Step 4) Get a piece of steel mesh that is large enough to cover the bottom of your charcoal grill. Then secure it in place with some type of tape and make sure it’s not too loose.

Step 5) Use an electric sander to grind away any excess steel mesh, then you’re ready to barbecue!

Note: If you don’t have access to either a grill or an electric sander, try using a piece of wood.

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