Camping with a tent at Nilachol, Bandarban.

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Discover the secrets of the best campsites for making your outdoor activities even more meaningful and memorable!

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What is Camping on my Eyes

For someone, camping is just a fun way to spend the weekend. But for me, it’s more than that, it’s a haven of peace, a place untouched by the noise of our mechanical society. Waking up to birds chirping, the sound of waterfalls, and the pure air of nature brings tranquility to my mind. There’s a part of me that wishes never to return to the mechanical world.

I’m Sukhen Tanchangya, living in a hilly area of Bangladesh, surrounded by large and small hills, rivers, and countless waterfalls. These natural wonders spread around the hills make our country incredibly beautiful.

🏕 Connect with Nature – Find peace and rejuvenation under the open sky, where every breath is a new adventure.

🤝 Meet Fellow Explorers – Be part of a community that shares your passion for adventure and discovery.

🌲 Leave No Trace – Embark on eco-friendly adventures that respect and preserve our natural world.

📅 Mark Your Calendar – Choose your adventure and set the date. Your next great story is waiting to be written!

👉 Ready to Answer the Call of the Wild?Join the Adventure now and start your journey towards new horizons!

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To Do While Camping

Camping is a fantastic pastime, but if you’re not careful, it can get boring after just a few days. We will give you ideas on the best things to do while camping, so that your time outdoors doesn’t turn out to be a total disappointment!

Hiking Keokradong

For you nature lovers out there, going for a hike is definitely a thing that should be done at camp. Not only will it help you get to know the surroundings, but it’s also very healthy.

Learning Outdoors

Camping and hiking connect us with nature, build resilience, and offer a break from technology, enriching our lives and improve physical fitness, making them essential skills for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sizzle and Shine with Portable Cookware

Imagine flipping burgers under a starlit sky or simmering chili over an open flame. That’s the magic our campfire cooking kit brings to your outdoor adventures. It’s not just gear; it’s your partner in crafting unforgettable meals in the wild. So, who’s ready to cook up some memories?

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