Are you looking for the best hot tent that offers maximum protection from rain, wind and snow? If yes, then you’re in the right place!

Choosing a tent for winter camping can be challenging because it will have to withstand harsh conditions than tents used in other seasons. That’s why a hot tent is a great solution for winter camping.

Hot tents are designed to offer maximum protection against extreme temperatures. These tents are also equipped with features such as thermal insulation, waterproof fabrics, and ventilation systems. The following list contains 12 of the best hot tents tested by expert campers.

Our Top 12 Best Hot Tent Picks

Here are our top picks for the best hot tents if you want something fast and easy.

  1. Russian Bear Hot Tent with Stove Jack
  2. WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tents with Stove Jacks
  3. Playdo 4-Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent
  4. Danchel Outdoor 4 Season Camping Bell Tent
  5. Pomoly HEX Plus Hot Tent
  6. OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent with Stove Jack
  7. OneTigris Northgaze Canvas Hot Tent
  8. KingCamp Hot Tent with Stove Jack
  9. STOVEHUT 70 Hot Tent with Stove Jack
  10. Onetigris Tegimen Hammock Tent
  11. OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent
  12. PRESELF 2-3 Person Tipi Hot Tent

What to Look for When Buying a Hot Tent with Stove Jack

It is important to select the right hot tents for cold weather camping. Using a wood burning fireplace or tent stoves in a regular tent can help with hot tent camping.

There are many different types of tents available for outdoor camping. While some are made specifically for use outdoors, others are designed for indoor use. Regardless of whether you plan on using yours outside or inside, here are some tips to help you choose the best tent for hot camping:

Guide to choose a hot tent for winter camping


If you live in an area where winter temperatures drop below freezing, then you’ll definitely want to invest in a tent that has a solid floor. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting cold feet.

A tents ability to withstand cold depends on a few factors, such as the season it’s used in and the season it was designed for. For instance, some tents are made for winter and can handle snowfall; others are best suited for spring or summer use. Some tents are heavier and bulkier but can handle the weather in both seasons whereas others may not be as strong and may only be able to withstand temperatures that fall within the parameters of their design.

To start off, pick between a 3 season or 4 season camping tents based on the environment you want to be in during the winter months. Then, narrow down the type of camping tents based on your choice of activities and terrain.

Quality of the Tent Material

The material that makes up a tent is just as important as its size and weight. If you’re planning on purchasing a tent that’s meant to stay in the garage, then you’ll want to go for a lightweight fabric. However, if you plan on taking your tent out into the wilds, then you should get something stronger.

For example, most outdoor tents are made from nylon. Nylon is a very light-weight material that allows air to flow through it. Because of this, it’s ideal for tents that are meant to be placed outside. However, nylon isn’t suitable for tents that are meant for colder environments. In fact, nylon tends to become brittle over time and break down under extreme weather conditions.

On the other hand, polyester is a sturdy material that provides good protection against wind and rain. This means it will last longer than nylon when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

How Long It Will Last

The lifespan of a tent is determined by several factors, including the materials used and the quality of construction. The more durable the tent is, the longer it will last.

When choosing a tent, make sure to consider the amount of time you expect to use it. If you plan on using it for a short period of time, then you won’t need a heavy duty tent. Instead, you can opt for a lighter model.

However, if you plan on using it year round, then you should look at investing in a tent that lasts longer. A well constructed tent will stand up to the elements better and provide you with better value for money.

Tent Stove with a Stove Jack

The tent stove is a essential item for every campers. A tent stove will provide you with warmth and comfort throughout the night. But they are harmful into the atmosphere.

However, if you stay inside for too long, breathing in the smoke and carbon monoxide from your stove or heater could cause lung damage. And most of the smoke and carbon monoxide will leave through the chimneys. That’s why you need to have a tent with a stove jack for good environment.

A wood burning stove in the hot tent

In addition to being able to sleep comfortably, another reason why people camp is because they enjoy cooking food while they’re away. Camping without a stove is like eating out without dessert. You have no control over what goes into your mouth, which leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

With that said, there are many reasons why you might want to have a tent that has build in stove jack. One of those reasons is convenience. When you don’t have access to electricity, having a stove jack is much easier than trying to find an outlet.

Another reason why you might want to invest in a tent with built in stove jack is safety for winter camping. During the winter months, you’ll need to keep your fire going all night long so that you can heat your shelter. Having tent with a stove jack eliminates the risk of accidentally starting a wildfire.


While not every tent needs poles, it’s important to note that some models do require them. The poles help support the structure of the tent and prevent it from collapsing.

They also serve as handles for carrying the tent. Some models come with two sets of poles, one set for each side of the tent. Others come with four or six poles. It depends on how large the tent is.

Tent standing with poles

Poles make your tent are stable and easy to carry. However, if you decide to go with a model that does not include poles, you can still purchase additional ones separately.

Tent Doors

To choose your tent features, it helps to think about the number of doors needed for optimal sleeping space and easy access and egress. For example, a three person tent would likely need two doors. This allows you to enter and exit the tent through separate entrances.

It also makes cleaning the inside of the tent easier. If you only have one door, then you’ll probably end up having to clean both sides of the tent at once. With multiple doors, you can leave the other half alone until later.

Man in the tent


A vestibule is a small room located between the main living area of the tent and the outside. It serves as a place where you can store extra clothes and personal items.

The size of the vestibule varies depending on the size of the tent. Most tents come with a vestibule that measures approximately 10 feet by 6 feet. However, if you want more storage space, you can opt for larger versions.

You can use the vestibule to store blankets, coats, shoes, backpacks, and anything else that you’d normally hang in the closet. Since the vestibule is usually attached to the main part of the tent, it will remain dry even when it rains.

Now let’s go through our reviews of each tent.

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Reviews of the Best Hot Tents with Stove Jacks

Best Budget

Russian Bear Hot Tent with Stove Jack

Price: $1,969.00
Russian Bear Hot Tent with Stove Jack

If you’ve ever wondered how a tent can keep you warm in cold weather, then this umbrella design Russian Bear tent is what you need to know. This dome-shaped frame allows you to easily pop up the tent on any terrain. This tent can accommodate up to four people easily.

Features a warm wood stove which helps maintain an indoor temperature of around 82 degrees Fahrenheit even when the temperature outside drops below freezing. You don’t have to worry about getting wet because this hot tent designed with heavy-duty double-layer material.

The Russian Bear tent includes a chimney stainless steel ring that prevents the hot stove pipe from the stove from touching the tent. This ensures safety and reduces the risk of fire. With a stove hole in the tent, you’ll be able to enjoy cooking meals indoors. Also, it features a waterproof silicone-coated heat resistant fire mat close to the tent walls that keeps your warm and safe your tent from the stove jacks. The tent floor also designed 3 layer insulation which will keep you warm at night.

The exterior awnings are constructed from waterproof, high-tech Oxford fabric, while the external seam is taped and has a protective skirt around the outer bottom edge of the tent (ground tarp). You can use this four season tent in both summer and winter. The tent is lightweight at only 55 pounds so it will be easy to transport anywhere.

If you’re looking for a cheap tent, this is not recommended for you. However, out of the 100 tents we tested, we consider this Russian Bear one to be the best hot tent for winter camping use.

Best Brand

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tents with Stove Jacks

Price: $699.99 – $1,059.99
WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tents with Stove Jacks

The WhiteDuck Tegatta canvas tents is made with 100% cotton fabric that provides superior comfort and warmth. It has 5-inch stove jack, made from durable fire resistant material with a 43 x 43cm flap so you can safely burn wood inside the tent or use to stay warm on a chilly night. It comes with an electric cable outlet to charge your mobile device.

This canvas tent includes high quality sewed-in PE groundsheet to protect your floor from any damage and to keep rainwater out. The mesh window and door come with heavy-duty trouble free top grade zippers that allow easy access. It also includes tool kit that includes pegs, pins, rain cap and rubber mallet.

The yurt style canvas tent is ideal for camping and glamping because of its spacious design with standard wall heights of 2’7″. It has two layers of windows and doors with heavy duty trouble-less top grade zippers that make sure you can get in and out easily. It also includes high-quality sewn-in PE Groundsheet to keep rainwater out while providing protection for the floor.

This Tegatta canvas tent is ideal for family camping trips during any cold season. Can also use two stove jacks on the canvas tent.

All Rounder

Playdo 4-Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

Price: $169.99 – $1,093.99
Playdo 4-Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

If you’re looking for the best hot tents that has wood burning stove jack, this one is the best choice. It comes with a lot of useful features, including an air conditioner outlet, a stove jack hole, and a window. It’s very easy to set up and take down.

This cotton canvas tent designed with 300gsm cotton fabric and waterproof treated, which makes it more durable than other tents. So, you don’t need to worry about the durability issue.

It also taped the stitch seams, making it waterproof (entire tent). It comes with a carrying bag to make it easier to store and transport. The stove hole can also be rolled up when not in use. This 4 season tent with a stove jack hole allows a cool breeze to blow though. So, if you’re looking for family tent for hot camping, this is the best option for you.

There is enough space to accommodate up to four people and their sleeping bag and you can store your camping gear. This Playdo 4-Season Stove Jack tents is known as the best tent for family camping in the winter season. They are made of heat-resistant fabric (heat resistant mat) and have adequate air circulation.

Best Tent For Family

DANCHEL OUTDOOR 4 Season Camping Bell Tent with Stove Jacks

Price: $429.00 – $909.00
DANCHEL OUTDOOR 4 Season Camping Bell Tent with Stove Jacks

The Danchel Outdoor 4 Season Bell Tent is made of waterproof canvas khaki oxford fabric that is more flexible and won’t get stuck. It has an A-frame door pole that allows you to move your gear in and out easily, and it comes with a thick and waterproof PVC floor.

This tent also includes a khaki resin door and bottom zipper that are more flexible and will not get stuck. You can place two 75″ x 30″ sleeping bags inside the tent.

The tent has 2 stove jacks at the top of the tent, so you can use any type of stove. The height of the stove jack to the bottom of the tent is 4.1 feet, which is suitable for most stoves.

The side wall vent holes allow you to run extension cords through them for lighting and home appliances. So, you can easily use a large or medium tent stove to build hot tenting.

With two stove jacks, you can keep warm by burning wood or charcoal, making winter camping more comfortable.

The tent has 4 windows with mesh, and there are also 4 vents on its roof. It provides excellent airflow.

The double layer of the door (mixed mesh and canvas) and the removable PVC ground sheet make sure that the tent stays dry and protected.

And the guy lines are easy to install and remove. So you don’t need to worry about the wind blowing away the tent when you’re setting it up.

If you are looking for the best tents for car camping, as well as the hot tents for winter then you can review the Danchel Outdoor 4-Season tent.

Best Tents For Group Campers

Pomoly HEX Plus Hot Tent

Price: $359.99
Pomoly HEX Plus Hot Tent

The Pomoly HEX Plus hot tent is waterproof, anti-corrosion, fire resistant, and insect proof. It has an aluminum frame and steel poles. It is made of high quality materials and is very sturdy. The tent capacity is great for any group campers.

For fire safety, there is a fire extinguisher installed in the tent. With a stove inside the tent, you can prepare delicious meals anytime, anywhere. It also helps keep the heat from the hot stove away from the teepee tent walls, which reduces the chance of melting them.

If you’re going snow camping, this will also help keep the snow underneath your tent from melting.

The half inner tent is comfortable and can place sleeping bags separately. There are many accessories such as heating pads, wood burning stove, sleeping bag, and allowing a tent heater.

It has an outer tent made from waterproof material, and a second layer of protection for the zippers in heavy rainfall. So, if you’re looking for the best tents for hot camping, look no further than this teepee tent.

Best Tents for Backpacking

OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent with Stove Jack

Price: $289.98
OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent with Stove Jack

If you are looking for a lightweight backpacking tent for family camping trips, the OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent is an ideal option.

The OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent is designed to be used in all seasons, including spring, summer, fall, and winter.

This teepee style tent has excellent performance when it comes to keeping you warm in winter. You don’t have to worry about getting wet because the tent is fully waterproof.

You can easily set up the tent in less than five minutes. Simply unfold the tent, place it on the wet ground, and attach the tent poles. Then, simply pull the guy lines to secure the tent. Once that’s done, you’re ready to go!

It is very spacious, so you will have plenty of room to stretch out. The floor area measures 8’6″ by 5’10”. That means there is enough room for two adults to sleep comfortably.

The tent comes with a tent stove, which allows you to have a campfire while staying inside the tent. You can also prepare meals while staying warm inside the tent.

You can store your belongings in the included storage bag. It is large enough to hold most items like sleeping bags, jackets, and other accessories, because of it has spacious interior.

Camping Hot Tent for Four P

OneTigris Northgaze Canvas Hot Tent

Price: $269.98
OneTigris Northgaze Canvas Hot Tent

Hot tent camping in cold weather using tents that are specifically made for cold weather. If you’re looking for a lightweight hot tent for that comes with complete setup kit, then this is the perfect one for you.

It has everything you need to enjoy your camping trip. This model includes a tent peg set, a tent pole, and a stove jack. You don’t need any additional equipment because all the necessary things will be included.

These canvas tents is made of T/C fabric which makes it very durable and fire resistant. It has reinforced stress points which make it strong enough to withstand extreme winds.

The OneTigris Northgage Canvas Hot Tent comes with a complete setup kit including tent peg, tent pole, and a tent jack. All you need to do is just attach the tent poles and the tent will be ready to go.

This teepee style tent is designed to fit into a standard size truck bed. It is suitable for car camping, RV, and boat camping.

It has a teepee shape which makes it easier to set up than most other tents. Just place the tent on its side and fold the legs inward. Then unfold the legs and you’re done!

There are two entrances where you can store your belongings. The first one is at the front and the second one is at the back. Both openings allow air flow so there won’t be any condensation inside the tent.

There are MOLLE webbing strips along the entrance fabric for hanging cooking utensils and other small items.

Freestanding Pick

KingCamp Hot Tent with Stove Jack

Price: $239.99
KingCamp Hot Tent with Stove Jack

The KingCamp hot tent with a stove jack comes with an extra long 10.5 ft tent pole that is made of high quality 6061 aluminum alloy. This tent pole provides maximum strength and durability.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and safe hot tent for winter camping, then this one is ideal for you. This teepee hot tent is designed in pyramid shaped that accommodate two people with a tent stove. You can easily use the stove inside this winter tent.

This free standing tent has a height of 5 feet 5 inches. And it has a weight of about 12 pounds (5.4 kg), which means it will be very easy to carry around.

The tent has dual entrances with covered zipper, making it easier for you to enter and exit the tent. This teepee hot tent adopts a wind-resistant snow skirt design, keeping you warm in winter. It also great for summer camping.

The snow skirt can be foldable for improved ventilation when you want to use the tent in summer. If you want to increase stability of the tent, you can place stones or soil on the skirt.

Easy Setup

Pomoly STOVEHUT 70 Hot Tent with Stove Jack

Price: $239.00
Pomoly STOVEHUT 70 Hot Tent with Stove Jack

The STOVEHUT 70 Hot Tent is designed Backer Shelter Style, with 2 pieces of DIY stove jack. It’s construct with 70D Ripstop Polyester Fabric, PU 2500mm Waterproof rating.

A good tent with a stove jack is essential for enjoying your outdoor activities. These STOVEHUT 70 winter tents provide shelter against harsh weather conditions and offer protection from insects and animals.

The tent is comfortable enough to allow you to relax after a long day of hiking. At the back entrance there is a special place for stoves and wood.

The remaining part of the campground has enough room to fit two people to stay in their own inner tent. These inner tent guarantee good air flow and prevent mosquitoes from biting them.

The STOVERHut 70 2.0 version has been improved by adding a new design for the bottom ventilation system, which allows us to keep the heat inside the tents during winter time.

They added two layers of fabric to reinforce the waterproofness of the seams, so there won’t be any leaks when it rains.

The rain curtain on the side door can prevent rainwater from coming into the tent when you open the door.

Best Hammock Hot Shelter

Onetigris Tegimen Hammock Tents with stove jacks

Price: $199.98
Onetigris Tegimen Hammock Tents with stove jacks

If you love hammock camping, then the Tegimen Hammock Tent is ideal for you! This hot tent built for hammockers will allow you to enjoy the outdoors while staying warm and comfortable.

It has been designed with a sturdy nylon material that makes it durable and resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, its waterproofed fabric ensures that no moisture gets into the tent.

The tent includes two stove jacks, which make sure that you have enough space to set up your stove. You can use any kind of stove, including gas, propane, alcohol, etc. You can make your tent indoors the warmest by using two stove jacks; there is no way for it to get cold in your tent.

This winter tent is perfect for those who want to enjoy their outdoor activities in comfort. It is constructed with rugged 70D ripstop nylon materials, so you don’t need to worry about its durability.

A waterproof-treated fabric with a 3000 mm waterproof rating is also included. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your belongings won’t get wet even if it rains.

Best Lightweight Pick

OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent

Price: $170.99
OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent

If you’re looking for the best winter tents for camping in cold ground, then this is the right choice for you. It has been designed tent with a stove pipe hole which allows you to place your stove inside the tent. This will help you to keep yourself warm while cooking.

Moreover, there are two windows on the top of the tent which allow enough air circulation inside the tent. You can also remove the inner mesh part if you want to have more privacy. Also removable floor panel makes it easier to clean the floor.

This is one of the best nylon tent with a stove jack for hot camping, as well as hot tenting. It is made of 20D silicon coated nylon material which is very strong and durable. It is also water proof and UV resistant.

The wall tent has a weight of 1900 g and dimensions of 12 x 6 x 3 cm. It includes a stove pipe hole, two windows, four guy lines and ten tent pegs.

This product is made of silicon coated nylon material. Therefore, it is very light weight and durable. It is also water resistant. So, you don’t need to worry about getting wet when using this tent.

Small Tent For Winter Camping

PRESELF 2-3 Person Tipi Hot Tent

Price: $165.00
PRESELF 2-3 Person Tipi Hot Tent

If you love winter backpacking tent, you will be happy to know that there are many choices available on the market. The Preself V2 is ideal for backpacking and backyard camping. This tent comes with an integrated stove jack, which makes it easy to prepare meals while staying warm.

The tent measures 13 feet by 13 feet and It weighs about 6 pounds and it can accommodate up to three people.

This tent is very well ventilated, thanks to its large windows. It also provides excellent insulation, making it perfect for colder climates.

This tent is designed to withstand heavy winds and snow storms. It has a double wall construction, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet.

It has a unique design, which allows you to set up the tent quickly and easily. The poles are made of high-quality aluminum (1 set aluminum poles included) , which ensures that they won’t break under cold air and extreme conditions.

FAQs about Hot Tent with Stove Jack

Are hot tents good?

Hot tenting is a great way to camp during the winter months but they are a heavy load for one person to carry out to the campsite. They also require the assistance of at least one extra person, so you’ll need to plan ahead to use one.

Hot tents are very useful when it comes to spending time outdoors. With tent stoves you can easily prepare meals while staying safe and comfortable.

How warm does a hot tent get?

The temperature inside a hot tent will depend on how well insulated it is. A good quality tent will keep you nice and warm. There is a source of heat. It can be -30 degrees Celsius outside but a comfortable 20 degrees inside.

Can any tent be a hot tent?

Yes! A regular tent can be converted into a hot tent. You just have to make sure that it has enough insulation. And the conversion process will need to be conducted by an expert. ‘Hot Tents’ are shelters with a wood-burning stove that offers warmth and comfort.

Which type of tent do I choose?

When choosing a tent, the first thing you need to consider is the size of your camping group. Camping requires extra space in the tent—what’s camping if it’s just a place to sleep? You need to think about camping equipment and dogs.

Generally, you can choose between a dome tent, bell tent, and tarpaulin tent. Dome tents are the most popular choice because they are easy to set up and take down.

What’s the best kind of tent for hot camping?

There are many different kinds of tents available in the marketplace. However, if you want something that is easy to set up and take down, then a dome or tepee tent is ideal.

Can I use a wood stove in a Nylon tent?

Yes! You can use a wood stove in any type of tent. However, it’s important that you keep it away from the walls of the tent. This will prevent fire damage to the fabric.

What is the best tents for winter camping?

If you’re planning on spending more than one night at a campsite, then you need to consider buying a durable tent. It needs to be able to withstand windy conditions and heavy rain. A good tent should have enough room for all your belongings.

If you want to go camping in the snow, then you need to look for a tent that has an inner liner. This will help protect your sleeping bag from getting wet.

We don’t compare products by their price; instead, we look into their scores and see which one provides the best value for the lowest price. For example, Russian-Bear 5P, WHITEDUCK Regatta and Playdo 4 tents are expensive, but they offer high performance. Also, other tents are priced lower and offer less performance.

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Final Thoughts

When you are looking for the best tent with a stove for hot camping in winter, there are many factors that you need to take into account. These include the type of tent you want, the number of people who will use the tent, the amount of space that you have, and the budget that you have set aside for the purchase.

Also, you need to ensure that you have an efficient and safe stove jack, which is made from high-quality heat resistant materials. If you plan to have a fire in your tent, you’ll also need a fire extinguisher, as well as a shovel and a tarpaulin, which are both required.

I hope this article helps you find the best tent with stoke jack for winter camping. Your adventure starts with Outdoor Awaits. In the Camping Gear, we share the secrets to mastering the great outdoors.

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